Friday, April 24, 2009

unsnap your crotch

So I swing by a store (which won't be named) and you know what they had for sale.


Are they coming back in style? I think we are about 10 years too early for those fashion faux pas to come back. I did love them when they were the "in" thing. They made you look thin and looked great with those crotch button body suits. Don't deny it bitches. We all wore them.

So here come the girls, drunk, crotches getting stangled to death by these ridiculous body suits, wearing stirrup pants. WHAT guy is thinking, I gotta have me some of that.
It will take him half an hour to get our clothes off due to the unnecessary fashion additives. You actually have to pull the pants off by the stirrup or your foot gets stuck. Then the buttons to your body suit are shoved up you butt so he needs to pull em out:)I'm startin to gross myself out.gag gag.

The point I was trying to get at is.....I'm not buyin em



  1. Holy shit, hilarious and I do remember those days. Are you coming over on Sunday or what??

  2. I know just what to get you for your birthday!!