Thursday, April 16, 2009

stay away weirdo

So I am at the SHED (my job) and having a normal morning of chatter and jokes when the door comes flying open. This guy is falling all over the place knocking down chairs and having serious trouble walking the 3 feet to the bar. He is COVERED in blood and asking me for a drink. REALLY, drunk guy wants a drink. If I gave him one it may have poured out of the hole that was between his nose and his lip. A HOLE. I could see his gum line. Drunk guy fell down and is oblivious to the fact that half of his face and his entire upper lip is missing. Instead of a drink I called him an ambulance.

Hey drunk guy, Thanks for giving me an excuse to see the hot EMTs.
p.s. take the shed off your drinking route.


  1. Good Call!
    Bad Call on your part though...For not introducing me to the hot EMTS!

  2. LMAO!!!
    I like looking at EMTs! Did you get any names?

  3. I think you get paid for these stories.

  4. You "could" get paid for these stories. I can't type b/c I'm sick as shi-ot! (I'm assuming bad language is permitted here?)