Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mommys back with an attitude

I tried the sweet route with a blog about my life, my family and my daughter. That shit just didn't fly. I just can't sit here and type about some smile in your face crap and try to make it funny. I'm just NOT so funny. I did discover in my futile attempt to mommy blog that this should be an outlet. A place to get all the crap out that I can't do during the day.

Background on me:
I am a bartender in a great little dive bar. The client base is 98% regulars. YUP I see those fuckers everyday. Now don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love those people but I still have to smile and eat shit all day from a bunch of "FUNCTIONING ALCOHOLICS". yea right
They are going to give me plenty of material for my bitch blog. They say write what you know. And I sure can bitch......

So ladies and gents, I hope you don't mind some swear words here and there because they will probably be aflyin.


  1. Baseball is baseball. Longer season...More games. Hang tough Sista...I'm here for you! Promise!

  2. Did I comment on the wrong post??? Either way this one takes the cake! YAY! You're back! And this time you're REAL!!!

  3. Now we are talking or blogging!!! Let the f bombs fly and the shit hit the fan. Now we in for a real ride!!! Yippee

  4. Mother fuckin roller coaster ride and I ain't strapped in yet!